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Trusted by more than 300 000 users worldwide, we have become in one of the automatic exchanges preferred by cryptousers!
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1 Bitcoin -> 32.10 Bitcoin Cash

Reserve 1458 Bitcoin Cash

You give Bitcoin

You receive Bitcoin Cash

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1 Bitcoin -> 67 Ethereum

Reserve 3250  Ethereum

You give Bitcoin

You receive Ethereum

Ethereum wallet


* Minimal amount for exchange is 0.003 BTC. Transfers with smaller amount will be returned to the sender!
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Fast automatic exchanger

Our exchanger offers you to exchange cryptocurrency. The exchange procedure takes 3-5 minutes after the first confirmation of the network. The process is fully automated. To exchange, just fill in the form and follow the instructions.


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We are one of the first 100% automatic cryptocurrency exchangers in the world. Our core uses smart contracts to guarantee transparency and security.

Easy to use

Using our service is very easy; you even don't need an account. You will receive the cryptocurrency after only 1 Bitcoin network confirmation!